Zip Codes for Rio Blanco, PR 

We have 1 zip code, which includes directions and location information for Rio Blanco, Puerto Rico. We hope this information helps :)
The one zip code we have on record for Rio Blanco is: 00744 .


Zip Code 1:00744
for Rio Blanco in Puerto Rico.
Congressional District for 00744: 7200

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Demographics for 00744
Land Acreage: NA
Water Acreage: NA
Number of Houses: NA
Approximate Population: NA
Male Population: NA
Female Population: NA
Pop. Under 10: NA
Pop. 10 to 19: NA
Pop. 20 to 29: NA
Pop. 30 to 39: NA
Pop. 40 to 49: NA
Pop. 50 to 59: NA
Pop. 60 to 69: NA
Pop. 70 to 79:
Pop 80 and up: NA

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100-100 CARR 31


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